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Three reasons I’m excited today’s the 1st game of spring soccer March 7, 2009

Posted by John Taylor in soccer.

I’m coaching my son Henry’s U10 boys soccer team and today is game one. Here’s three quick reasons I’m excited for today:

  1. Henry is really putting forward more visible effort this season. I loved seeing him be more aggressive in practice contending for the ball, and his shins are covered with bruises that prove it. give_n_go_premier_youth_soccer-38776-1163618718422
  2. I have a great team of 9 and 10 year-old boys. I couldn’t believe how quickly they took to my drills this week as we worked on striking the ball, ball control and all the set plays that this age group can struggle with in the first game: throw-ins, goal and corner kicks.
  3. Instead of occasionally coaching and filling in, I’m coaching for the first time. I highly recommend it: your brain really enjoys and responds to having a new challenge that is so different from our professions or typical family time pursuits. The boys came up with the name “Blazing Stars” for the team. “Stars” for short. As a closet astronomy buff, I love it.


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